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About Val de Lobo

My first music studio was located on a beautiful spot with a gorgeous view across a canyon called "wolve creek valley". Giving credit to that place I called my studio "Studio Val De Lobo". Once that name was established I kept it even after relocating the studio.

In my studio I'm producing mostly my own compositions. From time to time I do productions and remixes for other artists as well. I also collaborate with musicians from all over the globe to create interesting fusions of styles. My focus is on World Music, Lounge, Ambient and Film music.

Complete Albums

Here comes a catalogue of all my complete album productions so far. I've also added some sets of pieces not published elsewhere.
EnJoy the music !

release: [VDL012] Narad - ONE
about: Meditations on the ONE. (Work in progress).
download: n/a
release: [VDL011] thma - dubbed
about: A set containing some of my favourite reggae and dub productions. Also featuring some remixes and colaborations.
download: n/a
release: [VDL010] thma - An Ending revisited
about: Brian Enos classic "an ending" is one of my all time ambient favourites. this set is a hommage to this masterpiece.
download: n/a

release: [VDL009] Narad - Ambiences
about: I found this set of mmbient miniatures slummering somewhere on my harddisk...
download: n/a
release: [VDL008] Narad - Ocean of Light
about: When all veils are torn there's only light left. An ocean of light. Infinite, eternal, total. Engulfed by the rolling surf, caressed by foaming spray, carried away by rolling sand and gravel we drift out into this ocean. Only wideness left and unfathomable depths. An ocean of light.
download: n/a
release: [VDL007] Narad - Four Aspects
about: music for meditative listening.
download: Four Aspects Zip Archive

release: [VDL006] Narad - Twelve Qualities
about: Music for meditative listening
download: Twelve Qualities Zip Archive
release: [VDL005] thma - Funky new Age
about: First the good news: the new age is near. and now the good news: it's going to be funky !
download: Funky New Age Zip Archive
release: [VDL004] Narad - Living Above Mind
about: In Indian mythology Narad is the messenger of the gods. He corresponds to Hermes and Mercury in greek and roman mythology. Narad is a traveller to the world of the gods. His poems and his music tells the stories of those journeys.
download: Living Above Mind Zip Archive

release: [VDL003] thma - Made in Italy
about: This album is the result of a special composing session I had in Italy on the most beautiful coast of the "Mare Ligure". Each day I would spend exactly one hour on sketching out a piece of music.
After that short trip I reviewed the material and made an album with the best stuff from that sessions.
download: Made in Italy Zip Archive
release: [VDL002] pm:tm - Around Midnight
about: pm:tm is an international world music project. Melting influences from Soul, Jazz, Afro-beat, Lovers Rock and other laid-back grooving styles. The people involved are:
Patrick "pm" is a soul inspired singer/songwriter.
Thomas "tm" is a german percussionist and keyboardist.
download: Around Midnight Zip Archive
release: [VDL001] Manjhima - Coloured Soil
about: The Manjhima project aims at making the riches of Indian music more accessible to people in the west. Thus traditional Indian Bhajans and folk songs are interpreted from a global world music perspective. In short: Indian music meets funky beats. Accordingly groove plays an important role. The people involved are:
Manjhima is an exceptionally talented vocalist trained in classical Indian music. She has been featured in several classical LPs and also in soundtracks of Bollywood film productions.
Thomas is a german percussionist and keyboardist. He works as composer, remixer and producer.
download: Coloured Soil Zip Archive

Composing film music

I had a long cherished wish to write film music. It finally came true when I was contacted by the Indian filmmaker and director Akanksha Joshi. She asked me to contribute to her film Earth Witness.

And that was just the beginning. When Akanksha was planning for her latest documentary Hindu Nectar she again invited me to be part of her team! Of course I agreed and the result is a really beautiful documentary movie!

The film features compositions by Chinmaya Dunster (acoustic instruments) and beautiful Indian Vocals by Sukriti Sen and Sandeep Srivastava. The ambient electronica music in this films all stems from the val de lobo studio. And here's the movie:

Contact Val de Lobo

Feel free to email me to provide some feedback on my music, propose a collaboration, order a film music composition, or to just say hello!